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The Conservative machine and Trump have tapped into America's tribalism quite nicely. There are plenty of people who actually feel like they themselves are winning when the republicans win and when Trump gets one over on others and feel good about that winning, even if it ultimately hurts them. The rush of the team win is too great especially since it's the only rush they are getting these days. Which is why dying industries have latched onto Trump. It seems some are just going to ride the winning and the oxy spiral down into ruin thinking all the while that they are doing everything right and winning so much, why is it getting worse? That is afterall Trumps one talent, to be able to whip people's emotions into a frenzy, to get them excited about what they will do together, even if no one knows what that is. They are now Team Trump. I am reminded of a John Oliver piece on Stadiums that had a woman passionately attacking a man for not spending education dollars on a stadium because the Scorpioties or whatever were the soul of the city. Once you tap into this tribal fandom you will get people begging to get reamed in the ass at the profit of the team. I absolutely bet there are some coal miners that will happily dwindle into nothingness instead of rocking the boat for his team too much.

Just like people have internalized Trump as part of their character, there are quite a few people who have internalized dumb as part of their character. That being ignorant is something to be proud about and celebrate the concept of being stupid but good in the heart. But since most of these people aren't actually mentally handicapped they do indeed learn just indirectly so they know of nothing that they haven't directly experienced so you end up with the slowest of children in middle age that can't grasp the concept that their highschool class on a subject maybe wasn't the whole of that subject.
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