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Trump voters by and large are in way over their heads. They think everything they don't understand is some kind of fucking hoax, and that Trump is honest because he's ignorant like them.
I think the main reason they think Trump is honest is because he's racist (and sexist).

They think that everyone "knows" the truth which is [insert their racist beliefs] "but they're just too afraid to say it." Trump is one of the few who will say it, which is why he's more honest to them, in a way, even though they clearly have to recognize his frequent lying on any number of other subjects.

This is why Trump's bigotry might've helped him, or at least didn't lose him that many votes vs. a Rubio or Cruz, or even gained him votes overall nationally. It changed his geographical pattern of support for sure, and perhaps is responsible for the fact that he could win while losing the popular vote.
I'm reminded of growing up in North Carolina, when Jesse Helms was in office. Helms was a world-class racist, and everyone knew it. Heck, he barely made any attempt to even pretend that he wasn't. His campaign ads were often blatantly racist.

I remember one campaign in particular, during which he took out full-page ads in many of the state's leading newspapers. In these ads, he talked about how "consistent" he had been, and insisted that he had never changed his position on any issue during his entire time in politics.

Since anyone who knew his history was well aware that he'd first made a name for himself in politics as a particularly vicious opponent of Civil Rights legislation, it was pretty clear what the true message of the ad was.

The thing is, given how Helms' name was virtually synonymous with racism, it was hard to find someone who would actually admit to voting for Helms. Yet he won election after election. So it's difficult to come to any conclusion other than that Helms' racism was why a lot of people voted for him -- even though they might be reluctant to admit it.

I'd like to think we're beyond all that. But, Trump ran an openly -- heck, a blatantly -- racist, xenophobic, anti-intellectual, and misogynistic campaign. So anyone who paid any attention at all during the campaign and yet voted for Trump must own up to the fact that they knowingly voted for someone who was running on a platform of racism, xenophobia, anti-intellectualism, and misogyny.

As such, it's hard to come to any conclusion other than that -- whether they'll admit it or not -- these were positive attributes in the minds of an awful lot of Trump voters.


The difference, of course, is that there are plenty of people who proudly admit to voting for Trump. But as was the case with Helms, these people will twist themselves into knots while trying to pretend that racism had nothing to do with it.
“The greatest way to live with honor in this world is to be what we pretend to be.”
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