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Default Re: Parents, do your due diligence on vaccination! There are serious risks!!

Originally Posted by But View Post
Originally Posted by peacegirl View Post
I'm urging parents to do their due diligence and not just trust whatever their doctor (who is just going by the CDCs recommendations, the very institution that is under suspicion) tells them.
No, people, for dog's sake, don't trust your doctor or the CDC, instead trust some random nutcases from the internet and their YouTube videos!
Hmmm...I would trust my doctor and the CDC more than some random nutcases from the internet, but I don't trust them entirely. Indeed, every piece of reliable information I've been reading recently on our healthcare system indicates that the average physician is under the influence of vested interests (being primarily the pharmaceutical and health appliance interests) and, the CDC, as a governmental agency, is subject to influence as well, largely through the perversion of its responsibilities due to political pressure and the revolving door of its leadership. The evidence is that our physicians are, wittingly or unwittingly, in thrall to interests opposed to those of their patients. Treatment for profit generates a lot of perverse one of the highest rates of 'overtreatment' and appalling rates of avoidable medical mistakes.

The point is that amongst all the vaccines on the present schedule, some are valuable and worthwhile, while others are dubious and at least one is an outright fraud and an ongoing scam. The CDC encourages that selfsame ongoing scam. Given that, how are those imposed upon to make informed decisions about their health and to trust their providers?
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