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Default Re: The war on big food.

Originally Posted by lisarea View Post
Special Report: The war on big food - Fortune

It gladdens my heart to see pretty much any big corporate lobby flailing, but I have an extra special love for this right now.

Big agribusiness has been working very hard creating a narrative where their skeptics are all stupid and hysterical, and blowing smoke up people's asses about how sane and rational they'll be for repeating their talking points, and it seems to work a lot of the time. It's nice to see that they're taking an overall hit from it.
Yeah, it is.

You know where that narrative arises, don't you? Just take a look at the PhRMA crowd and the paradigm they've been utilizing for decades now. The model seems to work real well for them, so it was only a matter of time before other privileged economic actors would adopt it.

So, why is it that PhRMA and their minions get a pass here, but Big Agri doesn't?
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