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Default Re: Two Minutes Hate

Originally Posted by Nullifidian View Post
I'm incredibly annoyed and dismayed with some of my fellow Jeopardy! watchers. Today (Friday, 1/8) among their contestants there was a woman who may or may not have been trans. I'm happy to say that the question didn't even occur to me until I came to a site for viewers of the show and the comments section was filled with anti-trans bigotry. Admittedly, these people weren't regular commenters and among the regulars there were people telling the bigots to get fucked, but all the same it's a depressing irruption of small-minded transphobia into what has almost always otherwise been a nice and friendly world.
I heard about that. :sadcheer: A friend of mine was on Jeopardy a few months back (the one people were comparing to Louise Belcher), and she mentioned this on Facebook today. :(
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