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Default Re: Climategate 2.0

Lemme guess...

They saved these emails from the first time they hacked in, and once their claims from the first batch were proven to be bullshit, they release these, which likely don't contain anything new or different, but they can pretend like this time, the allegations are true!

How much do you wanna bet that all the discussions of "hiding" the data are actually about wanting to make it harder for corporate shills to manipulate their data to stir up more fake controversies just like the type of fake controversy they created with the first "Climategate"?

And gee, do you think that scientists have any interest in making it harder for corporate shills to smear and libel them just like they did in the first "Climategate"?

If my emails got hacked into, and used to smear me with bullshit accusations in global media, you can bet I'd start talking about ways to prevent that from happening again.
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