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I'll second that opinion. Wonder Woman doesn't stand up to the better Marvel movies, but it's far better than Man of Steel or [ugh!] Batman v. Superman.

It's still a comparatively dark movie, but unlike Zack Snyder, Patty Jenkins seems to understand that superheroes are supposed to be inspiring, not jerks who regard us mere mortals with indifference at best, if not outright contempt. This gives me some slim hope that Justice League will at least be watchable.

It's not so relentlessly, depressingly joyless as were Man of Steel and Batman v. Superman; in fact, there were several moments that had people in the audience laughing out loud. Nor is it anywhere near as cynical as MoS and BvS. Diana is altruistic because it's the right thing to do, and because she understands that -- for all their faults -- humans are capable of love and honor and decency, and are ultimately worth saving. As such, she's a welcome contrast to Snyder's take on Superman and Batman.

In fact, can we just make it a law that Snyder is not allowed to have anything whatsoever to do with superhero movies -- any superhero movies -- from now on? That'd be a really good idea, if you ask me.

[Oh, fyi: don't wait around for an after-credits teaser; there isn't one.]

This version of Wonder Woman isn't as noble as the comics version, nor is she quite as compassionate, but she's such a breath of fresh air after the dreadful depictions of Superman and Batman. And on those rare occasions when Gal Gadot smiles, you really do believe -- if only for a moment -- that she's the optimistic, kind, loving, and selfless hero[ine] that we've been longing for.

Just an aside, but am I the only one bugged by how inconsistent writers are regarding Diana's [in]vulnerability? If she can stand at ground zero of an artillery shell exploding and not get so much as a scratch, then bullets should just tickle.
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