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Justice League: Single sentence snippet review: It didn't suck.

I wasn't looking forward to it. Personally, if it were up to just me I probably wouldn't have gone to see it. I was dreading another bleak and dreary mud toned drag through the worst of all possible worlds. You know, what BvS told me this cinematic universe is.

In general terms this was a step closer to the characters as I know them.

Bruceman is somewhat better. Though still perplexing in his commitment to being Superman's best friend forever after wanting to kill him. He makes at least one more equally baffling leap in logic in this movie. Despite how he's being asked to play the character, I do like Batfleck.

Wonder Woman continues to be the bright beacon of hope and light and, well, wonder of the assembly. Far more than what the (S) ((IT'S NOT AN S!))) on Clark's chest says it's supposed to be. I'm looking forward to the many hundred sequels because apparently the Bat isn't the only game in town any more.

Newcomers The Flash, The Aquaman and The Cyborg are also in the movie. Being the second fiddles, a lot of the funny punchy dialog is handed off to them to good enough effect.

Playing a half decently written The Flash should be easy mode for any actor worth their salt. Ezra Miller is definitely worth his salt. Distinct from other The Flashes but still retaining an over-arching resemblance to the Flash-type. He plays both smart, but still young and a little inexperienced. Out of his league initially but he, uh, gets up to speed quickly enough. His desire and ability to be friends with the different personalities goes a long way.

I like Jason Momoa. I was good with his casting as Aquaman. Here, he plays him more as the Thor type than King of the Seven Seas and Atlantis. By "Thor" I mean the Frat Boy who relies on his station more than for anything he's done. But, see, this is a failing of the DCEU. If we'd been introduced to the individuals one their own maybe we'd have a better sense of them than having Bruceman playing Ocean's 6.

And newest newcomer Mr Cyborg in the house. Here he's given a lot more pathos than my previous experience (Teen Titans, animated) with the character. But even though he's as much machine as he is man, his heart shines through. In spite of the obvious reminiscence to another science armored guy from another franchise, I got as much of a Blue Beetle-ish vibe.

Brief Spoiler that really no one should be surprised by

But I digress.

I didn't hate it. I didn't love it to be sure. I thought it was okay.
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