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I know, I know, Spidey is not part of the DC Nation. But, now I want to this to be a general comic book stuff thrad. So, deal with it.

Marvel Comics' most popular character is getting a hip new look - and a new person wearing the webs.

"That's not Peter Parker," Marvel editor-in-chief Axel Alonso told The Post. "There's going to be someone new wearing the costume."

The new webslinger and the new look - a sleek black and red costume revealed here for the first time - will make their debut at some point this summer, after the conclusion of the ominously titled "Death of Spider-Man" storyline in June's Ultimate Spider-Man No. 160.

The comic will be polybagged, and will shake the comic book world to the core. "It's unlike anything you've seen before," Alonso said.

The shakeup marks the first time someone else will be catching thieves just like flies in the "Spider-Man" titles besides Peter (or a clone of Peter - don't ask) in the character's almost 50-year history in either the traditional "Marvel Universe" or the more recent "Ultimate Universe."

Alonso wouldn't reveal much more about the new wallcrawler - "there's significance in the color scheme," he teased - but the image's release is another bad sign for Peter Parker, who in the ten-year-old Ultimate line of comics is still a Queens high school student.
So nevermind that this will hardly shake the comic world to its core, I mean, we've seen this done before. Also, this takes place in the Ultimates universe which is already one-step removed from our primal universe.

But, any guesses as to who might be in the costume? That little clue doesn't tell me much and I've been away from the comic book universe too long to base my guesses on anyone who debuted after the '90s.
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