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Default Re: Universal Renewable Energy: Suitable Substitute for Morning Sex?

U.S. Energy Shakeup Continues as Solar Capacity Triples | Climate Central

Renewables still make up only a fraction of the U.S. power supply — 8 percent this year. That’s expected to grow to 9 percent next year, and the biggest driver of that growth is solar.
I remember when solar was a fraction of one percent of the power supply. Renewable then was almost all hydro with maybe one percent of wind. The fact that solar's going to add a whole percent is super significant to my alt-E crazed brainz.

Solar power has been on a tear in recent years partly because of cheaper solar panels and a federal tax credit for solar installations. Congress extended the solar tax credit early this year, helping to fuel a 39 percent annual growth rate for solar power-producing capacity, to 27 gigawatts by next year from about 10 gigawatts in 2014, or enough to power about 3.5 million homes, the data show.

“Because of pent-up demand due to uncertainty over the federal tax credit, solar had a record year in 2016,” said Doug Vine, senior energy fellow at the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions. “Solar capacity buildout is expected to be similar next year.”
WUT? Somebody extended the tax credit? Who? CONGRESS? YOU MUST BE SHITTING ME!!!! The Republican congress what don't believes in that global warming shit? Get outta here. I can only guess the constituents asked for it. I mean, how big can the solar lobby be?
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