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A little light puzzling for a Monday.

Can you solve it? This traffic teaser will drive you to distraction | Science | The Guardian

Five cars are driving round a roundabout. In order, the drivers are Akira, Basho, Chie, Daichi and Etsu. The cars have licence plates numbered 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5, but not necessarily in that order. Each driver can see only the licence plate of the car in front of them and the car behind them, but not of the car they are driving. All the drivers can speak to and hear each other via headphones.

A voice comes into their headphones and asks: “Is your licence plate a square number?”

They all reply in unison: “I don’t know”

The voice repeats: “Is your licence plate a square number?”

They reply in unison “I don’t know!” except Etsu, who pipes up saying: “Erm, no”.

The voice asks: “Is your licence plate number bigger than the number of the plate behind you?”

Daichi is getting annoyed now: “I don’t know!”.

After which Basho and Etsu state: “No”

And Akira and Chie grin: “Yes”

Who is in which car?
My answer:

My reasoning:

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