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Default Re: Return to Gender 101

Originally Posted by Vivisectus View Post
It mean no restrictions, which to me seems to be all anyone here is interested in.

Not no difference.

but hiding your gender isn't the way to do that and i think people are interested in things deep down in the souls they've forgotten they have. how's that for weed?

hiding your gender is an admission of defeat in regard to rights and opportunities. a women is not equal to a man, but the same as a man...and there is a difference.

but you know what? maybe it's an idea that could make a point. why don't all the people that agree with this, stop putting your gender on all forms you are required to fill out in life. but raising your child to be genderless or secretive about it is wrong in my eyes. what's wrong with raising strong men and women? let them have the choice to disregard the gender they were born, not choose to be what they already are.

oh well. back to the bong.
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