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Default Re: Anybody Watching the Convention?

Originally Posted by Clutch Munny
I don't think the question is whether anyone is a theist. It's whether one believes that a deity is giving one policy advice.
It would be inconsistent to believe that God cares about every aspect of one's life yet won't help one with one's job.

My suspicion, for what it's worth, is that GWB and Co believe that their policies are informed by their faith -- in some slightly less direct way than divine whispering into the ear.
I'm sure they do believe their policies are informed by their faith. But maybe Kerry believes the same to some extent, whether or not he chooses to be as vocal about it as Bush.

But their faith is largely so ill-informed, so illiterate even of scripture, that this conviction just becomes a way of reading some theo-moralistic legitimacy into their plain, old, personal, worldly, political prejudices.
First, based on my observation, their faith is based on a commonly held conservative Christian understanding of Scripture. Please give me an example of how their faith is "illiterate even of Scripture".

Second, if it is illiterate of Scripture, I don't see how that proves anything about their motives.

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