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On my person today, in addition to the Samsung Galaxy S5 Active (water resistant, shock-proof, nearly indestructible smartphone) that took this picture:

Left to Right:

1. Phonak Bluetooth device that interfaces my cellphone to my hearing aids.
2. The Doctor's Brushpicks, I never leave home without 'em, and probably the reason I've not had a new cavity in well over a decade.
3. Victorinox Swiss Army Tinkerer that I've had for 25 years.
4. Opinel French Army Lover lockblade knife, a gift from my brother who lives in Strasbourg.
5. A freebie ballpoint pen from Williams Furniture and Used Cars in Sapulpa, Oklahoma. For a freebie it's a p. good one, a Parker. Don't make mistakes, so don't need pencil. But if I did, I have a very nice 0.5 mm Parker somewhere.

ETA: These are in my lunch bag outer pocket along with earbuds and extension cord for ear buds, double plug cord for my Phonak Bluetooth gadget, and charger and cord for same. That red rectangular thing is a Swiss Card missing the protractor and nail file. The Swiss Card contains toothpick, tweezers, ink pen, scissors, and a 1.5" blade knife.

Edit2: I dug a little deeper in the lunch bag pocket, found a few more things: A #1 Dad 3 foot measuring tape, a small screwdriver, and a jar of Carmex.

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