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Originally Posted by BrotherMan View Post
ANYWAY. For this specific purpose I'm assuming it's more important to be seen than it is to see things. For that, I definitely suggest some kind of cone/diffuser attachment. (That specific link because you mention that brand.)
Being seen is important, but my main walking route is our street, which is a low speed, low volume street, where I can see and hear people with enough time to avoid them.

The main problem is finding dog poop. Booberry is the worst pooper. He walks an average of 3 meters while going, dropping randomly along his path. With hills and vegetation, it can be a challenge to find it all.

The size of the light is mostly a preference - I could use just about anything for my needs, but I like a small light that fits easily in any coat pocket.

Originally Posted by BrotherMan View Post
Sometimes I like to browse EDC places just to see what people have in their pockets. I don't carry a lot myself - just a very standard wallet, keys and phone. Though I have taken some ideas from EDC for even that minimal carry. I've replaced my regular thumb killing keychain for a little metal braided dealy. That's not really a gadget tho.
I have a tendency to carry a lot because I generally have X things I want to be able to do, and I have Y things that do them. I could just as easily not carry the leatherman in the sheath, but then I couldn't also carry the Pocketwrench, which is surprisingly useful.

That lanyard thing is a pretty neat idea.

Originally Posted by BrotherMan View Post
If I had unseemly sums of cash I could have probably kept Sky Mall in business. Thankfully, I guess, I don't have even modest amounts of money. I guess that only makes me the ThinkGeek level of Gadget Geek.
I'm generally cheap and refuse to buy anything unless I feel I have a reason to buy it. A good pocket sized multitool or pocket knife is almost always worth the purchase, but I actually researched flashlights for a couple days before picking this one.

I recently did pony up for a Kickstarter project, a Tyvek Wallet with an interesting design, which I'll see if it works as a lighter weight wallet.

A while ago, I splurged to get my Dad a Prybaby from Peter Atwood a custom tool and knife maker. Ironically, I think the Prybaby is less useful than the Pocketwrench I have, but small build artisan makers like Atwood are way cooler and more interesting.
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