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Quick update:

The Tyvek wallets arrived. I offered one to my son - who currently has no use for it but took it, and I gave one to me.

I filled it with the contents of my current wallet, and it's about a centimeter less wide, about 2 cm shorter, and is only slightly thicker as the leather wallet when empty. I like it overall.

I'm not 100% happy with the organization. It's symmetrical with a credit card pocket, a "business card" pocket, a side pocket and interior slots on each half. The side pocket opens on the outside of the wallet - I actually think it's an artifact of how it's folded - I don't entirely trust them. The interior slots are inside the bill area and don't hold credit card sized items - 90% of everything I have.

It all fits, but it's less convenient.

I liked that my old wallet had a clear pocket which I put my ID and my library card in, which meant I typically didn't have to pull them out to show to people (or to scan the library card). Now the library card is in the side pocket for easy access and the ID is inside the credit card pocket on top. Easy enough to get to, but now I have to open my wallet and remove it.

We'll give it a few weeks and see.
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