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Since getting a debit card, I've almost completely eliminated carrying cash. In fact, the debit device is the only card I have anymore. I think I closed my "relationship" with VISA. (Though the debit card is from my credit union it's branded MasterCard.) The only time I've regretted it was when I bought my laptop - and that's just because I had to go to the bank to raise my single day purchase limit so it's not even that regrettable anyway.

As such, my wallet is mostly empty. I have the usual things, ID, card and then just some business cards, and really I only keep those so I have a soft buffer so I don't scratch up the stripe on the card. Plus a couple of funny things that now I wish I'd remembered to show pea when I seen her because they are funny.

One is a little dog's head that I cut out of a magazine. I used to keep it in front of my face on my ID. I think I got a couple of people to laugh at it. It was an official business interaction that forced me to stop doing that. I don't remember if it was with the PO-LICE or what, though. The other humor thing is a fortune from a fortune cookie. It's really the best fortune one could ever get from a cookie ever.

Never smell the inside of a hat.

ANYWAY. Since my wallet is only partially used, I've been wanting a replacement. I think I've settled on something like this, but I dunno. Though my current wallet feels like overkill I'm concerned that if I suck it up and make the move I'll suddenly need the extra pockets for a bunch of activities or something.

When I was searching for new and interesting ways to carry and organize things in my pocketses, I liked some of the devices I found at these online retailers. I don't know anyone who has bought anything so I don't know how they feel for use. Now that I have my keys on the big ring I'm satisfied with how that works.
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