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Over a year into the Paper Wallet, and it's doing well - a few worn corners, but it's holding up well. Still not entirely happy about the organization, but I'm having trouble finding a better design that works as well.

The flashlight is still working as well, as well as the blue light cone I 3D printed for it. My only complaint so far is that it's a bit too easy to bump the end and put it into a battery draining higher power mode.

Basically, I consider both worth the investment.

But that's not the reason I'm resurrecting this thread, this is:
Planet Pocket Tool: SportWrench #2: The Metrics

Not sure what to think, it looks cool, but does it work well? I have yet to find a better pocket tool than the Pocketwrench II - it's in the sheath with the Leatherman Juice as a nice complement. Even then, the Pocketwrench II only performs well for certain jobs.
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