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Default Re: Some University Degrees Not Worth It At All

Originally Posted by Dingfod View Post
When I went to college at Northern Oklahoma [Junior] College, minimum wage was $1.90 per hour (I was making $1.50, plus all the ice cream sandwiches I could stuff in my face hole). Tuition was $7.75 per credit at that time, I think. That means it took me less than a day's wage to pay for one credit hour. One semester dorm fees, which included meals, was $450. That took me a little more time to pay, a couple months working full time, which I was. It was doable. After a year there, I left with no debt to anyone, and not too many credits either. Apparently they don't give credit for partying. Go figure.
Wow, and I thought I was old! I remember my first job in high school was at Baskin Robbins. Minimum wage was $3.45 I think, but I was paid the "training wage" of $2.90, plus two scoops at break time.
As for college, I wish (tax payer funded) student loans were given out more like any other loan where you have to show you can pay it back. What if college loans required the kid to say what kind of degree they wanted to get, how much they would make (roughly), and how they would pay off the loan? I'm ok with subsidizing engineering degrees, but I question some of the "degrees" that are offered today, and hear of kids with a "college degree" wondering why they can't get work...
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