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Default Re: Some University Degrees Not Worth It At All

Yep. My entire freshman year (Fall 1982 - Spring 1983, 30 credits) cost about what it cost me to pay my last three graduate credits in 2012.

Irony: in '82-'83 I paid for several classes I never bothered to go to. In Spring 2012, they took my money and did not let me take a class. They said it was due to a course plan I had signed onto years before that included a course that wasn't offered anymore that I didn't take. I submitted about three of those things when I first started because I wasn't sure whether I was going for straight History MA or a blend of History and Archaeology, so they took the History/Archaeology plan I signed and nailed me with just as I was about to graduate with a History degree.

So, skip to the end, I had to pay for the course if I wanted my diploma, but they would not let substitute a different class for the supposedly missing one.

At any rate, what bought 30 credits worth of college education thirty years ago = about 3 credits now, albeit there's some difference between undergraduate and graduate tuition rates.
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