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Default Overwatch

I was fortunate enough to be at BlizzCon when Blizzard announced their new game, Overwatch. Even before they showed the cinematic trailer, I felt something rise in my chest. I wanted it to be a superhero game. A good one.

I was kinda right.

Overwatch Cinematic Trailer - YouTube

It's a multiplayer shooter, so it plays very much like Team Fortress 2. Which is fine, in and of itself, but it wasn't the superhero game I wanted.

Which is weird, because the roster of characters reads very much like a superhero game.

This is the line-up of the first fifteen characters. Currently, they've shown 12 of them in-game. The cinematic trailer itself shows many more characters.

So, I was excited by the game, but now wish it was so much more than what it actually is.

Oh well, at least it inspired me to create some Zodiac Overwatch in the City of Heroes costume creator.
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