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Default Re: Is it OK to punch a Nazi in the head?

Originally Posted by Ari View Post
Look, I'm tired of generic internet contrarians, so when I see a 15 minute controversial video posted without comment I immediately ...
... reach for a bucket of blithely racist invective, it seems.

Look, I get that you think it is a waste of time engaging with me because you I'm going to disagree with you for the sake of it, and yet at the same time you can't give my post a pass because then it'll look like I'm winning some battle or prize you need me to lose or something ... erimir used to think that way too and tried the same shit way back here. (I think he's softened toward me in his old age. I could be wrong)

Sure and with short enough sentences and no details it allows someone to say 'both sides are equal.'

Not sure what your issue is here. Jones is not saying there that both sides are equal. He is saying when liberals judge working-class Republicans as "stupid" because they can be assumed not to realise the GOP agenda will keep them down, that's a double-standard because it isn't applied to wealthy Democrats.

Jones is also not saying there that all Liberal critiques of working-class Republicans are invalid. He is not saying that no working-class Republican is stupid. He is not saying there that their values are equally "noble", whatever that might mean.

He is just saying "Stupid rednecks for voting against their own interests" is a bogus judgement that reflects a intellectual failure on those Liberals who fall into the trap of expressing it.
... it's just an idea
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