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Default Re: I Admit I Am Powerless Against Sriracha

I am in the club with erimir.

Sriracha, according to this, is only 2200 Scoville units. That's not even half the heat of a jalapeno. Yeah, it would be unpleasant if you were drinking it straight out of the bottle, I guess.

This one time, Matlock and I went to an Indian restaurant and ordered some curries. I said I wanted hot, and the waitress talked me out of it, saying it was HOT HOT, so I got medium instead. Matlock still got hot, either because he's brave or he hadn't had enough Indian food to know that it does come in HOT HOT.

Mine was about as spicy as ketchup, and his wasn't much more--maybe gringo-style Tex Mex hot, like something you'd get at Taco Bell or something. But I couldn't totally blame the waitress, because she'd probably had people who looked like us freak out over their ever so spicy ketchup.

So all you white people should either adapt to your new culture, or just move back to Idaho or wherever the fuck you came from.
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