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Default Re: I Admit I Am Powerless Against Sriracha

Oh, that's ok I guess. If it causes asthma attacks.

What's your excuse, the rest of you?!

Although for serious, I think people should be at least try to build their tolerance to the point that they can eat all the things that I don't even consider spicy. I have on a couple occasions been surprised that someone else considered something very spicy that I didn't consider spicy at all, so it didn't occur to me to warn them.

The advantage there being that you won't be missing out on ALL the things at Mexican restaurants or what have you. It would be sad to have to eat your Mexican food without sauce :(

In North Carolina I didn't have any friends who were total heat wimps. I mean, I had a couple friends who wouldn't eat habanero salsa, but that's legitimately hot. I think it's because NC has barbecue and so most people are exposed to at least some heat (NC barbecue is not typically hot, but it often has a kick and all bbq restaurants have hot sauce on the table). My heat wimp friends here are from Pennsylvania, Minnesota and near DC. So now I've decided that everyone in a swath from DC/Philly to Minneapolis (and beyond) is a heat wimp.
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