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Default Re: I Admit I Am Powerless Against Sriracha

I feel compelled to out my dad here. He was one of those people who did not like any spices or herbs of any kind. He didn't even put ground pepper on his food. He ate his salads with no dressing, just salt, lots of salt. My brother used to say his four basic food groups were meat, potatoes, salt and grease. Once at a wedding I explained to my companion why my dad wasn't eating anything. When my friend expressed disbelief my dad leaned over and said, "A little salt, a little sugar and you're fine." Poor dad, didn't eat a thing at that wedding and went for a walk so he didn't have to just sit there watching us eat.

Anyway, my mom always cooked to his tastes. The only exception was Mondays when he bowled and we got to have pasta and meat sauce. She even said that one day he freaked out because he found out she put onion in his chicken soup, even though she got the recipe from his mother and he'd always liked it. As soon as he found out what was in it, he refused to eat it unless she left the onions out.

So, yeah, compared to my upbringing, I am an adventurous eater, even though I am objectively a culinary coward.
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