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Default This thread contains content from JoeP. It is restricted from playback on some sites.

Gais hey gais

Lots of YouTube music videos embedded here say this - after you click to play:
This video contains content from VEVO [or others]. It is restricted from playback on certain sites or applications. Watch on YouTube.

Sure, you can click the link and watch the video in a new tab, but who's got time for that? Besides, :fflove: and YouTube is ugly.

I assumed this was just monetisation at work; bands gotta make money (notwithstanding music distributors think they gotta take most of it). Even though no actual ads show for me.

It's not based on geography or IP address - the videos play fine on YouTube.

But apparently the same videos do play embedded on some sites, and the reason is something to do with YouTube checking the http referrer for blacklisted sites. :ff: can't be blacklisted because it's not listed at all (as we know :link::sadno:), but if a referrer isn't sent at all it can't be checked and is blocked. See e.g. Embedded YouTube Videos Restricted Playback on Certain Sites When No HTTP Referrer Sent

So I have questions. Is this something missing from the youtube plugin/config here at :ff:? (quite likely) Or is it due to some privacy setting I've made on my computer? (also quite likely) Whichever it is, it might be fixable ...

Do all y'all see the same thing?

E.g. with this video that KA posted
which you should watch anyway for the computer graphics awesomeness

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