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And as if all the most damning evidence would necessarily be out in the public at the moment. Nobody leaked the Papadopoulos flip even though it had happened months before Mueller released the information publicly.

Don Jr's meetings with the Russians as part of the "Russian government's support for Trump" with a former Russian counterintelligence agent and people connected to Russian oligarchs, promises of holding off on sanctions, Trump inviting Russia to hack and release State Dept emails, multiple people making deals with Mueller over lying about contacts with Russia, Trump associate Roger Stone knowing about the Podesta hack weeks before the emails were released, etc. etc. add up to nothing, are suggestive of nothing, and are just hysteria. And of course, there can't be anything they're offering in exchange for those deals that we don't know yet. It is typical for someone like Flynn, who there are reports of crazy shit like a multi-million dollar kidnapping plot and violating the Foreign Agent Registration Act for not disclosing his connections to the Turkish government while he was acting as the candidate/president-elect/president's national security advisor, and reportedly got the White House to delay action in Syria on Turkey's behalf... to just get a deal for lying to the FBI in exchange for no evidence of interest. TBH, the Trump campaign's demonstrated eagerness to collude with Russia, even if it came to nothing, ought to be in itself a scandal! So what if they never managed the logistics or Russia was too cautious or whatever? Having a presidential candidate who was willing to collude with a foreign power, including criminal activities (like hacking Clinton's emails!), is already a problem.

And we still don't know about Trump's financial connections. Following the money would also be the big part of any such investigation, and we've gotten very little info about that, although we do know that Trump has some financial connections to Russia (both of his sons made statements in the past about visiting Russia for business many times, getting a lot of money from Russian banks, etc.) and reports like that Trump Tower Panama had connections to Russian organized crime, etc. But 1. we know there's nothing there now, even though we've seen almost none of it and Trump never even released even one year of tax returns like every previous nominee for decades and 2. we'd better stop looking into it because it's all hysteria.

This is a bit like running an article claiming the Watergate investigation is all baloney in August 1973... The perpetrators of the break in were arrested in July 1972. Nixon was in office until August 1974, over two years later. The Saturday Night Massacre didn't happen until over a year after the break in. Republicans were arguing it was all a witch hunt at this point.

And of course, the notion is also based on the idea that James Comey, the Republican who started the investigation and kneecapped the Democratic presidential nominee, Rod Rosenstein, a Republican appointed by Donald Trump, Robert Mueller, a Republican appointed by Rosenstein, and agents within the FBI, who are mostly Republicans, are orchestrating a vast conspiracy against Republican President Donald Trump, a man of scrupulous honesty and unimpeachable ethics.

We know this is all bullshit and the investigation ought to be shut down, I guess. Meanwhile, a minor development in the previously completed investigation of Hillary Clinton's email server deserves AN ENTIRE FRONT PAGE in the most important newspaper, and that "scandal" in general deserves more coverage than EVERY POLICY ISSUE COMBINED.

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