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Default Re: Trivial things that amuse you

Right after the election, I put an anti-Trump sign up facing the street, and decided to leave it up until it's irrelevant, so it's been there ever since. We've had several people compliment it and we even got a very thoughtful anonymous thank you card. But also, someone egged and TPed our house in the middle of the night last fourth of July.

So this year, I was kind of wondering if they'd do it again, but I wasn't too worried about it. It was a minor pain in the ass, but it was also pretty funny that someone was so angry that they went to the trouble and risk of doing that. I figured it was just some dumb kids or something.

Anyhows, we usually have a bunch of people come over on the 4th because our city has a big community event right by our house so you can watch fireworks right from the house, and we even let a couple of our friends park in our driveway. So we had people over and ate a bunch of food and watched fireworks, and there were a couple people still here playing video games when I went to bed.

A little bit atter I'd gone to bed, one of the people playing video games, a maybe 90 pound woman named Tiffany, heard a noise outside and tore straight out to find a grown assed man just starting to TP our tree, and scared him so he ran down the street, dropping his vandalism supplies.

And wait for it. It was toilet paper with Trump's face on it, which I'm assuming he thought was an endorsement of Trump. Like maybe he didn't pick up on the subtle implications of that or something.

I mean, I'm not wanting Tiffany to be running around chasing Magas around in the middle of the night anymore, but it is funny as hell that it happened.
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