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Default Re: Health and Fitness Track, 2017

Wow, what an achievement, Bort, not just the weight loss but the total change in your attitude and approach towards food. Bears be sleeping like Rip Van Winkle up in this bitch.

:bow4: :bow4: :bow4: :bow4: :bow4: :bow4: :bow4:

Protip for the beanage. Eden Foods has canned black soybeans that are entirely reasonable facsimiles of actual black beans. They are bland as hell, but work great in soups, chili, hummus, anything you can cram full of herbs and spices. Just a single gram net carbs per half cup.

I've become inordinately fond of LaCroix flavored sparkling waters, beverage-wise. No sweeteners, no sugar. Just fruit flavors injected into soda water. Some of them are freaking eerily real tasting. I like to mix the coconut and pineapple together for a festive pina colada feel. Also I like getting caught in the rain.

(Not really. I fucking hate getting caught in the rain.)
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