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Default Re: Help a linux noob!

Objective advice: use Debian or a derivative like Ubuntu or Mint, simply because KXStudio packages for them (and doesn't package for Arch-like or Red-Hat-like distros).

Totally objective advice: use Kubuntu 16.04 or KDE Neon (both of which are Ubuntu-based distros) because KDE is a far better desktop environment than Gnome/Unity/other shit.

Total n00b information which you may actually know: unlike Winders, there are multiple Linux distros and most distros support multiple desktop environments (DEs). KDE is the Korrect Desktop Environment.

Objective advice: in theory you should learn both the command line way of installing and updating packages and the graphical software manager way ... but since KXStudio only provide a .deb file and are not actually in the repositories, despite the terminology they use, you'll need to use the command line. Just use the commands they quote on their page.

Objective advice: unless one of the distros puts it into their repositories (may not be not likely, although there are lots of music apps properly packaged) or someone creates a "personal package archive" (ppa) (hmm, there do seem to be some but I can't see which one to use) you won't get updates automatically. You'll have to go back to the website and download updated versions when you need them.

General advice: get familiar with commands with directory and file management (in particular ls). But also pick a graphical file manager (as Windows Explorer is for Windows; as ever, there are several alternatives) and stick with it.

Totally objective advice: use Dolphin. Other file managers are weak and corrupt.

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