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Default Re: Help a linux noob!

I had/still have a four-year old POS HP Pavilion Touchscreen with 4 GB RAM and an AMD 1250 processor. It came with Windows 8 installed, but the minute you updated the OS, the computer stopped functioning in a manner that made it useful for anything. I tried Ubuntu Unity (which worked great on an older machine with a better (Intel) processor and more RAM), but it was too much for my POS. I tried many, many different flavors of Ubuntu before installing Ubuntu Mate, which worked best, and made my touchscreen work well. (Linux Mint Mate never did get the touchscreen right. I liked Peppermint, too, but it didn't handle the touchscreen well.)

A few weeks ago, an update to Mate totally broke my POS: once booted up, the cursor locked, the caps lock screen started flashing, and the machine froze. I tried KDE, but it made my cursor jump around uncontrollably. Lubuntu and Xubuntu both locked up the same way that Mate had.

Now, I've settled on Bodhi Linux (also based on Ubuntu). It's got a decent GUI, and my machine is responsive and usable again. (I got the barer of the two installations, and didn't install a whole lot of crap.) I recommend it.
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