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Default Re: A revolution in thought

Apparently the author died 20 years ago and some woman named Janet owns the rights and is trying to drum up interest

It has something to do with determinism

Here's another discussion
Free will versus determinism
The author passed away in 1991 and I compiled 7 of his books. If you are interested in learning more, the book that discusses this new definition is online for free, so this is not an advertisement. If you do link on, please read the first two chapters before moving on, or else the book will sound like a fairy tale.
You can buy it for 41.00 Decline and Fall of All Evil: The Most Important Discovery of Our Times (9781553953302): Seymour Lessans: Books

Oh and bonus, you apparently had 3100 posts at the old iidb forum on this subject around 3-4 years ago

ETA: Look peacegirl, you seem like a nice enough person who believes she has something to offer the world. I would suggest that you start by posting the essay online somewhere other than someone else's forum, like a totally free and easy to use blog, for example. If you then want to advertise the book, you can just link to your blog.

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