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Default Re: Vive la Resistance! aka non-Trump US politics

Because 2017:

Last night Roy Moore had an event where this pastor sang... and during the same event, Roy Moore blamed his accusations on an alliance of homosexuals and socialists.

Meanwhile... that same pastor was convicted of trying to destroy evidence to cover up the fact that his son was a child molester who preyed on children in their Honduran orphanage. Pastor Who Sang For Roy Moore Has Federal Conviction For Blocking 2012 Child Molestation Probe Of His Son - Joe.My.God.

OH, and in case you didn't read the whole article...

That law course Roy Moore contributed to? That was done for an evangelical organization called Vision Forum, which was run by a man named Doug Phillips. Doug Phillips had to resign his position because he had conducted a long extramarital affair. One that the woman alleges began when she was 15 and was abusive in nature. This reminds me of a certain someone!

Coincidentally, Doug Phillips is also a great friend of the Duggars. Another family which covered up the sexual abuse of children by their son.

We like to mock the Catholic Church over the child abuse scandal, but I wouldn't be surprised if it turns out there's a higher percentage of sick fucks among these ultra-right-wing evangelical Christian shitheads. The decentralization might actually make it harder to uncover though.
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