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Flo already misses The Mooch. This is not the Donald Trump I voted for.

In my dreams, Flo sees The Mooch entering a D.C.-area pastry shop. There is a dispute over whether the Mooch or another man is next in line. The Mooch makes the other guy leave the store, and then pulls a gun on the hired help. “Give me the pastry box,” the Mooch says. “Do I look like some kind of pussy to you?” After the terrified clerk gives The Mooch his pastry box, The Mooch shoots him in the foot.

Much later, President Trump and The Mooch are driving on some lonely night highway. The Mooch is at the wheel. He is fucked up on drugs and has an accident. Their SUV overturns into a ravine. President Trump gets out of the wrecked vehicle and holds a handkerchief over The Mooch’s nose and mouth until he is dead.

That’s the kind of stuff Flo wanted from the Trump administration. And now I’ll never get it. :sadcheer:
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