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When I was a pre-teen and my mom was in night school, she'd sometimes take me with her and let me audit a session of one of her classes, especially this one women's studies class she took me to because of feminism.

So we watched this film someone made that was a social experiment where they had a man holding a toddler in the park, and the story was he was babysitting, he pretended he didn't know the gender. Moms and other people would come by and be like, "oh cute! how old?" etc like people do, but when they would ask "boy or girl" he would be like, "I don't know" and their minds were blown.

That was forever ago and I still remember how unnerved I was by people's reactions. Like people would want to check and they would start getting physical with the guy and the baby and he had to be like "wow, hey, back off!" and stuff. And they would rage out like "how can you not know?! I must know!"
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