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I kind of like Love It or List It but their formula is getting really old. They always want half their house renovated for no money and the contractors almost always discover that the plumbing or electrics or both need to be replaced, or it's not to code or the homeowners association won't let them do it. Then the homeowners get mad. And on the rare occasions they don't find any horrible costly repairs, the homeowners make some unreasonable demand that means they only get half of what they want done. Funny thing, but it's the exceptions on that show that throw the formula into such vivid relief.

That always cracks me up. My SO loves those shows, so they're what's on when she wants background noise. My favorite part about them is trying to guess ahead of time which part of the renovation is going to harbor the hidden tragic expensive surprise that no one could have foreseen (unless they bothered with an inspection before they started tearing shit apart).

The house shopping shows are my TV kryptonite, because I like looking at the pretty houses, but I pretty uniformly hate all the people on them. Like, I know that they are instructed to play up the minor faults they find with whatever house they're supposedly considering buying, and I know they've usually already bought some other house and are just putting on a show, but every time they sneer about how "dated" something is or walk into a room and gasp about how "this will have to go", I want to punch them in their stupid entitled throats. So, maybe I am the problem I was talking about in my last post.

Off Topic, sort of.

If you are ever in a position to have a new house built, design it yourself and draw exactly what you want. If your builder says you need to go with what an architect designs, get another builder. We had a new house built 5 years ago and the builder just copped my drawings onto his paper and built from there.
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