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Originally Posted by Adam
The house shopping shows are my TV kryptonite, because I like looking at the pretty houses, but I pretty uniformly hate all the people on them. Like, I know that they are instructed to play up the minor faults they find with whatever house they're supposedly considering buying, and I know they've usually already bought some other house and are just putting on a show, but every time they sneer about how "dated" something is or walk into a room and gasp about how "this will have to go", I want to punch them in their stupid entitled throats. So, maybe I am the problem I was talking about in my last post.
I don't watch the ones where they are looking here in the US, unless they are looking for a historic property or something kinda interesting (like a old city townhouse or something). If they are looking for modern homes in some 'burb or another though, no thank you. I live in a 3 bd 2 ba ranch with granite and stainless, I don't need to see them in Ohio too, especially with whiny bitches looking at them.

House Hunters International is great though. I love it when whiny Americans are all "I want old world charm and character!" when what they really want is an American 'burb home with crown molding and ivy on the front. They are invariably disturbed and dismayed by real "old word character" like kitchens tucked under stairs, a single tiny bathroom with either a tub or a shower but rarely both, and odd shaped, closet sized bedrooms with no actual closet. I lol and lol

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