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Originally Posted by chunksmediocrites View Post
Here's the thing. Comics have two primary elements: artwork and writing. Sometimes the artwork can be technically weak, but the writing is strong enough to carry it- The Far Side or Hyperbole and a Half or Get Your War On are great examples of this.
I wouldn't necessarily say that the writing is carrying weak art, expecially in the case of Get Your War On. I think the fact that the visuals in GYWO are bland, commoditized clip art representations of office workers actually enhances the comic, rather than being a weakness the writing has to cover for. The barren, soulless corporate wasteland implied by the stock art is the "freedom" that is the ostensible goal of the horrific events discussed in the text are carried out in pursuit of.

The thing that frustrates me about Dinosaur Comics is that, conceptually, it's actually an interesting idea. It's like a haiku or a sestina. Every strip has to conform to a structure where T-Rex says something longish, T-Rex says something brief in close-up, T-Rex addresses Elasmosaur, etc., etc. That could have been awesome. I just don't think North's a talented enough writer to pull it off.

ETA; Oh, and in the case of HaaH, I can't imagine "CLEAN ALL THE THINGS!" working half as well with anything but Brosh's bug eyed goblin artwork. It's not photorealstic obviously, but I think her style works very well with the sort of strip that HaaH is.
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