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So, Trump has fired Rex Tillerson -- in a tweet. He did so very soon after Tillerson said something less than entirely nice about Russia. I'm sure that's entirely coincidental.

To replace Tillerson as Secretary of State, Trump has nominated CIA Director Mike Pompeo. Pompeo has described the War on Terror as a clash between Christianity and Islam. Pompeo, a former far Right Congressman from Kansas, received more money from the Koch brothers than any other Congressman in 2010.

Trump also fired his personal aide, Johnny McEntee. Apparently, he was fired for failing a background check -- that would explain why the Secret Service unceremoniously escorted him out, not even allowing him to clean out his desk.

Don't worry about Johnny, though. The Trump Campaign has already announced that McEntee "will re-join the team and serve as the new Senior Advisor for campaign operations based in D.C."

Golly. If I didn't know better, I'd think that the Trump Administration was deeply corrupt, and wasn't even trying very hard to hide that fact.
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