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Matlock and I got our pictures taken this morning. My eyes aren't usually that baggy, I swear. I was just tired.
One of nososure's best friends broke up with her boyfriend over her attending that event in Denver. It was a sexist thing he said, he being of a Cheeto dumpster fire bent.
I have few principles about potential romantic/sexual partners that I will never break. One is that I will not become involved with anyone who supports Cheeto Benito. Iím not merely saying this arbitrarily; I actually did turn down an offer for sex from someone who I found out was a Dump supporter (and whom I otherwise found attractive). Given the revival in anti-Semitism associated with his administration, Iíd rather be celibate than deal with the self-loathing that would inevitably accompany such an encounter. I can cope with celibacy, and I donít need more self-loathing.
Masturbation is sex with someone you love, so that's all good.
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