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Default Re: Only in Oklahoma...

Some real gems from Oklahoma's Favorite Nutjob, Senator James "How Did He Ever Get In Office" Inhofe, from a speech he gave at a Tulsa hotel:
  • "The United Nations is an absolute disaster" whose peacekeepers in Africa have been "going around teaching girls to be prostitutes."
  • Many Iraqis are pleased about the U.S. intervention. I guess about 30% still could be called "many".
  • Iraqi security forces now number 275,000 trained and equipped. The commanders in the field and the Iraqis say when this reaches 325,000, that would equal 10 divisions, and that's what we need to take care of our own security. Where does he get his information? Oh, wait... Inhofe has visited Iraq 11 times. Any of them outside The Green Zone? Who pays for this number of trips halfway around the world?
  • "What's happened there is nothing short of a miracle." Inhofe and I have an altogether different idea of what constitutes a miracle. Besides, that belittles the almost 3000 dead U.S. troops and the blood, sweat and tears of a great deal more than that. What a total ass.
  • The current international situation made Inhofe "wistful for the Cold War. Then we had one powerful opponent, in the Soviet Union. They were predictable; we knew what they had. This is not predictable." I thought what's gone on in Iraq was a miracle.
  • Inhofe's brief but pointed attack on the U.N. included a renewed call for Washington to withhold financial support of the organization and his assertion that the U.N. is trying to impose a "global tax" to support itself. But, the reason the UN might need a global tax to support itself is because the US is seriously delinquent in it's agreed-to payments to the UN.
  • Inhofe defended the "bridge to nowhere," a $320 million project that Oklahoma's other senator, Tom Coburn, tried to kill. The span connecting Ketchikan, Alaska, to an island with 50 inhabitants has been cited by critics across the political spectrum as an example of government waste, but Inhofe called it an example of "one of the few things in Washington that works." Even the majority of Alaskans didn't support that pork-barrel project. Note former Senator, now Governor Murkowski, who pushed for this to begin with was defeated in the Alaska Republican Primary this past Tuesday.
  • He reiterated his belief that global warming is largely a front for international economic movements. "I see this, I see this, and I know it's true," he said.

Please, please tell me Inhofe took money from Jack Abramoff.
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