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Default Re: Decrypto

Although I don't have very strong feelings towards any of 3, 4, 1 the one I feel best about is funerals for 4.

What do you think Corpses goes with ES, if Funerals is 3? And are you happy with Deaths being 1?

I find myself coming back to 3, 4, 1 more and more as I go over it. I think that's because I'm falling into the trap that we kind of know their 4 words. If we're right about approximately what they are, then 3, 4, 1 makes the most sense. Of course if we have some wrong then we'll never win getting stuck in that rut.

So I like exploring a different line of thought, but we have to make all 3 (Corpses, Funerals, Deaths) fit for it to make sense to go a different route.
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