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Default Re: Caribou Barbie is at it again

There's these two comments on the health care bill at about family planning services that I feel I should share with everyone.

They're under the table of contents for Division B, Title vii, Subtitle b, Sec. 1714: State eligibility option for family planning services.
Comment 1:
This is the root of our economic crisis: we equate family planning with prevention, i.e., preventing children from existing. Children are our future workers and consumers, yet when we can't prevent them, we resort to murder. We're killing our own economy, literally.
Comment 2:
I've never understood this. With the ever-increasing amount of future taxpayer dollars being spent to take us down the road to socialism, you'd think we'd be encouraging larger families to create more future taxpayers for the government to bleed to sate it's greed.
Just thought I'd share those with you, in case you'd started to regain some faith in humanity.
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