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I mean, if our standard is direct collusion between Trump and a Russian operative either with an official position or claiming to work on behalf of the Russian government... we might never get that. Daddy Trump is certainly stupid enough to say something like that in an email, the problem there is that I get the impression that he doesn't use email. It's going to be hard to have a recording or something in writing from Trump as a result, although I suppose there could be writing from someone in the campaign discussing Trump's knowledge.

But it's not that hard to connect the dots between Russian hackers, Wikileaks, Donald Jr and Donald Sr. And there are the other connections, Drumpf calling for Russia to release Clinton's emails, and all the suspicious behavior...

In a legal court it's not quite enough to get Trump himself (but we also don't know everything Mueller knows) but I think it seems quite a bit more likely than not that people in Trump's campaign were colluding with Russia* or people they knew were acting on Russia's behalf, and Trump himself knew this even if he wasn't involved with the details (which he probably wasn't).

And the fact that Trump is trying to cover it up and obstruct the investigation is pretty much about as blatant as it could be while still counting as a cover up.

Also fuck Glenn Greenwald and others on "the left" who are constantly defending Rapey Legolas. His agenda was obvious, but now that the explicit proof has come out... :crickets: (No tweets since the news came out.)

This thread documents his constant defending Assange and attacking those who pointed out that Wikileaks behavior was pretty much acting exactly how you would expect them to if their goal was to damage Clinton and help Trump, rather than "government transparency."

*ETA: What we've seen from Don Jr is actually incredibly damaging, as it shows him actively collaborating with Wikileaks, who seem to be basically an agent of Russia, but more importantly his meeting with Russians at Trump Tower where he eagerly accepted aid offered on behalf of the Russian government. He claims it came to nothing, they didn't give him anything, but if after a series of lies about the circumstances and content of the meeting successively disproven by evidence you're still willing to take his word on anything, I've got a bigly great university for you to enroll in. And Papadopoulos certainly was attempting to collude with Russia. So I guess I'm actually underselling it.

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