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Default Re: Conservatives say stupid shit

There is a very major difference between Gamma's funeral service and wake and the ceremony where national figures, like sitting and former presidents, attend in honor of public servants who died in the line of duty. This wasn't remembering the good life and times of a beloved (or even hated) family member. Despite the sad occasions, both funerals for departed grandparents were at times somber and flowing with tears and being joyful and laughing while remembering who they were and how we felt/feel about them.

Let's remember now: George Dubs Bush claims to be from Texas, is proud of his Texan heritage (such that it is) and was a multi-term governor of the state. You'd think he could remember that he's still in Texas, attending the ceremony for the death of police officers of a city that, so far as I know, is in his favorite state. But that didn't happen.

Let's hop in the way-back-machine. I pray that my fellow :ff:ers can forgive me. In the way back days of the late 90s, Rush Limbaugh thought it newsworthy and risable that Bill Clinton would have the audacity to laugh in a not necessarily public moment after Ron Brown's funeral. I wonder how the GOP et al will react with W's complete lack of respect - and joyous lack at that.

Oh, nevermind, they'll do everything they can to a) forget about it or, failing that, b) blame Obama.
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