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Alert Decrypto

I'm not sure if there is anyone left around here that is interested in playing games, but if we can get 4 to 8 people (at least 6 would be ideal) then we can try our hand at Decrypto. I think this would be a great forum game. :yup: I will send out some PMs and try to round up some of the usual suspects.

Decrypto is a team game where one member of the team tries to get the other members of the team to guess a code based on three public clues. At the same time they don't want to give too much information to the opposing team who will get a chance to get the code right as well based on what they can guess about the other teams code words.

Here is a how to play video of the actual game.

Here is a play by forum game in progress at BGG: Decrypto PBF #1 | Decrypto | BoardGameGeek

Please sign up here if you are interested in playing!

Feel free to recruit others.

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