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What do we think their secret code might be?

1. (land, locale): area, district?
2. (green, tree): plant, vegetable, forest, natural?
3. (path): route, walkway?
4. (feeling): emotion, hunch, touching?

Travel: seems to fit 3 best with maybe 1 as a second choice.
Sea: in some sense it's the opposite of 'land' but I don't think it would be normal to use opposites for clues in this game - does it match with 'locale'? not really. There's a chance that the code word for 2 might be nature or natural or something similar, in which case 'sea' might match 2.
ACRONYM: could be anything really - I suppose one of their secret code words might be an acronym of something. It's also a way of shortening something which might fit with the idea of 'path', but I'm leaning to using the 'path' word for 'travel'.

So my best guess at the moment is 3, 2, 4. Kael has been right every time so far though, so I'd like to know what he thinks.
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