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Holy crap, you guys. Ho. Lee. Crap.

I just watched Young Justice and loved it. I was worried that this show would be all Justice League, Jr and not involve the greater DC Universe. I am so glad to be proven wrong.

This episode was chock-full of cameos and more cameos. The worldwide battle reminded me of the last episode of Justice League Unlimited. And that battle between Young Justice and the Injustice League was epic. It was a fierce fight and kept me at the edge of my seat.

But, there was one cameo that brought a tear to my eye. At first, I wasn't sure that I'd actually seen them and had to rewind and pause to be sure. But, I was right, there they were.

Icon and Rocket.

Why this touch me so much? Not only because they are awesome heroes, who are undeservedly unrecognized. No, I got emotional because of Dwayne McDuffie, their creator. He had died earlier this year due to complications from heart surgery.

He also was one of the creators of the Milestone Universe, a too-short-lived family of titles from the DC Universe. Yes, they were "minority" heroes and that was the gimmick, but more importantly they were really well-created characters.

McDuffie was also an instrumental part of the Justice League Unlimited, the highly regarded DC animated series before Young Justice. I saw this cameo as a nod towards him for his work.
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