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Originally Posted by The Lone Ranger View Post
If I understood the report I heard on NPR recently, Montana's Supreme Court has recently restored a 100-year-old state ban on direct spending by corporations on political candidates. That's a direct challenge to the Citizens United ruling, no?
The Supreme Court proceedings are off to a flying start in this one. The losing parties have filed an application (pdf, 45 pages) with Justice Kennedy (in his capacity as circuit justice for the Ninth Circuit) to stay the Montana Supreme Court's decision pending the outcome of their request for SCOTUS review.

In fact, they're going a few steps further than that. They're asking that SCOTUS (1) treat their stay application as a petition for certiorari, (2) grant cert and (3) summarily reverse the Montana Supreme Court because its ruling is so completely contrary to Citizens United that it can't possibly stand.

Justice Kennedy has requested that the state file a response by 2/15.

The lawyer for the parties challenging the Montana law is the guy who ultimately won Citizens United. Dude's whole life revolves around destroying campaign finance reform through litigation.
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