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As an aside, I read another Snyder interview recently -- this time with Deborah Snyder.

She repeated Zack Snyder's claim that the "problem" with Man of Steel and Batman v. Superman was that people didn't understand the "deconstruction" of Superman and Batman -- but that they'd come around once they saw how brilliantly it was done.

Thus, she demonstrated that she doesn't get it either.

Then she doubled down and insisted that there are no such thing as "heroes," and that "grown-ups" know this. Though she didn't come right out and say it, the clear message was: "These movies are for adults, and if you want to see movies about genuine heroes -- people who are good and selfless and do the right thing because it's the right thing -- then you're either a child or a moron".

Have I mentioned before how much I hate, hate, hate the ridiculous and insulting notion that "dark and cynical = mature," and that anything idealistic or hopeful or -- God forbid -- fun is "childish" and "immature."


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